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Life's Little Accidents...don't need to become major disasters. Click here to see a series of six 'how to' videos instructing carpet owners on the correct method of spot and stain removal for wool carpets and rugs.

Carpet cleaning is an unregulated business. Anyone can buy a carpet cleaning machine and, without any training or experience, start advertising themselves as a professional carpet and rug cleaner.

Even some reputable carpet cleaners may not have the training or knowledge of the special techniques and chemistry required for safe and effective cleaning of wool and other fine fibres, such as Viscose and TENCEL™.

So how do you know who to trust with your valuable carpets, rugs and fine fabrics?

When looking for a suitable service provider ask for training certificates (related to cleaning fine fibre carpets and rugs), accreditations and membership of reputable industry associations or organisations.

To be sure that you get a professional who really understands how to clean wool and other fine fibres entrust the work to a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider. Home "N" Dry are fully trained and accredited WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialists and NCCA advanced members we have over 20years of experience and we will use WoolSafe Approved cleaning products whilst using the correct method on your natural fibre carpets and rugs when required!

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