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Home 'N' Dry uses the HOST® dry extraction cleaning system along with other cleaning methods such as encapsulation cleaning. This enables us to provide a unique carpet dry cleaning service to residential and commercial customers - the carpets in your home or business are ready to use just as soon as we've finshed cleaning them unlike with wet carpet cleaning.

What is the HOST® dry extraction cleaning system?

It's a low moisture system which deep cleans whilst leaving carpets dry and ready to use immediately. According to Dupont figures, approximately 85% of the dirt in carpets is dry dirt and 15% is oily/sticky dirt. Dry dirt is effectively removed by vacuuming/dry cleaning and not by wetting the carpet. Spots wick back and traffic lanes return quicker with wet cleaning. And with wet carpet cleaners, you can't use your carpets straight away.

The HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is a proven method for achieving clean and dry carpets that look their best everyday. To find out more about the cleaning process click here.

Did you know that using HOST® can contribute to a cleaner environment? In fact, no other carpet cleaning method has the variety of independent certification and research for reducing dust mites and allergens. For more information about reducing dust mites and allergens please see our how it works page from the drop down tab at the top of the screen.

We try to use the safest, Child and Pet friendly products to deal with each individual task

       Low Moisture Cleaning

What are the benefits of having your Carpets & upholstery cleaned using our DRY /  LOW Moisture sysetm?  

  • Super-fast drying              

  • No danger of over-wetting

  • You can use your carpets & upholstery almost immediately

  • No sticky, re-soiling residue remains

Our unique cleaning system uses Low Moisture so when we clean your upholstery, the fabric dries extremely fast. This leaves your upholstery with a fresh, clean appearance whether it's wool, silk, viscose, TENCEL™ ( jacaranda carpets ), velvet, raw cotton, Jacquard weaves, tapestry, brocade or leather.

You can also rest assured knowing that our cleaning system is recommended as safe and effective by leading furniture and fabric manufacturers.

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