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Water & Dirt-repellent

Since its founding, Home ‘N’ Dry has become a trusted names in the industry.

High-quality furnishings can cost a pretty penny, so it’s wise to protect your investment from everyday accidents. Fabric protectors create a water-repellent and stain-resistant barrier against spills, stains, odors, and sun fading. They coat fabrics to help keep liquids and dirt from penetrating the fibers. We highly recommend fabric protector on Wool carpets as they benefit from it massively.

Different fabric protectors work on specific fabric types. Due to their chemical ingredients, many fabric protector products have a smell. This scent will fade over 24-48hrs, it can be bothersome for some people, especially for indoor use. Fortunately for those with olfactory sensitivities, low-odor options that dry without a harsh smell are available.

Fabric Protector: Service
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