Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Using our unique cleaning system means that your carpets are deep cleaned and are dry and ready to use as soon as we leave - essential in today's fast-paced commercial world such as Airport lounges and high end stores.


Hotels and guests houses

Many hotels and guest houses require a quick turnaround. When one guest checks out the room needs to be clean and ready for the next guest. We regularly clean carpets at hotels and guest houses after check out to ensure rooms are ready to receive guests later that day.


Out of hours cleaning for office and retail premises

We recognise that most office and retail premises operate Monday - Friday around 9am to 5.30pm. This is why we offer our commercial customers out of hours cleaning. We can clean your premises on a weekday evening or even at the weekend by prior arrangement.


Restaurants and public houses 

We clean carpets at a number of restaurants and public houses. Inevitably, there are food and drink spillages and heavy traffic areas at doorway entrances and along walkways leading to the kitchen. 


We use a number of specialist products specifically designed to provide restaurants and public houses with a deep clean and use a unique degreaser where necessary. 


Our customers find it particularly useful to have their carpets dry cleaned after lunch service as opposed to wet cleaned...we leave their carpets clean and dry so they're ready to open later that day for early evening dinner service.


Are you a letting agent / landlord?

More often than not, carpets require cleaning when a tenant moves out of a property. This may be just to freshen the carpets up or because one or two stains have been left behind or simply to remove pet hair and odour before your new tenants move in.


Choosing Home 'N' Dry to dry clean your carpets means that your new tenants can move in on the same day so no rent is lost. Using a wet cleaner means waiting for your carpets to dry before your new tenants can move in. 


And because the HOST® dry cleaning system we use is proven to improve indoor air quality and significantly reduce dust mites and allergens, your new tenants will be more comfortable and happier in their new residence. For more information on how the HOST® dry cleaning system helps to significantly reduce dust mites and allergens please visit our FAQs page.